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dm belongs to the largest drugstore chains in Central and Eastern Europe.

The first branch was opened in 1976 in the city of Linz. The headquarters are located in Salzburg, Austria. Today dm is represented in 12 countries, has over 2,900 branches and over 49,000 employees.

dm offers selection of international brands in the fields of beauty, cosmetics, perfumes, body care, healthy eating, home goods, photography, baby products, pet care animals and of course, many of your favorite Bulgarian brands.

The product range is complemented by 20 dm own brands in all categories. They have proven over the years and have won repeatedly awards and international recognition. The clients receive European quality at a very good price. It also offers various benefits for all customers aiming more enjoyable shopping experience.

Dm stores offer: money return guarantee or exchange of purchased dm product, bank payment, gift wrapping and more.