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English Home

„English Home” is a leader on the field of luxury home textiles and home accessories. The firm is established in 2008 and our main office is located in Istanbul, Turkey. In the moment we have over 180 stores all over Turkey, Ukraine, Cyprus, Albania, Azerbaijan, Iraq and of course Bulgaria.

All of our stores are distinguished with refine interior and wonderful arrangement. Our conception is inspired from Britain “country” style, and also pastel colors and floral elements typical for the oriental culture.

Our models are in three basic lines:

- wedding products and accessories;

- refine luxury line;

- daily line suitable for every home;

We offer decision for every customer, who wants to make his home cozy, style and comfortable place. This is possible with our variety of products and accessories, distinguished with very high quality and affordable prices.

Our mission is to turn every home into a warm, stylish and cozy place.

We bet on classic vision, gentle colour compositions, high quality materials and extraordinary service.

Our home is your home! Welcome!