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With its unique style and fashion line for 12 years JUNONA fashion house has positioned on the top of the Bulgarian fashion stage. The team of young and inspired designers works around the clock on the silhouette of the modern Bulgarian woman. Over the years the fashion house JUNONA was able toincorporate in Bulgaria know-how of brands such as: Versace, Dsquared, Fred Sabatier - La Mode de Toutes les femmes, Weill, EDWARD ACHOUR Paris and Godski group, having the opportunity to work with their designers for making their collections.

The fabrics are created by highly skilled manufacturers who are located in Italy, France, Greece and China.

JUNONA fashion house launched a new children's collection for girls and boys. The collection is characterized by high quality and the comfort and safety of the clients is a priority.

The new children's line JUNONA Kids, gives freedom to the individual and highlights their creative selves.