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Софийска вода – Център за обслужване на клиенти

Sofiyska Voda AD was incorporated in October 2000 and since that time it has provided the water supply, sewerage and wastewater treatment on the territory of Municipality of Sofia, which comprises the city and tens of smaller settlements, villages and villa zones on the territory of the municipality. The share capital of the company is divided between the Municipality of Sofia (22.9%) and the French company Veolia Voda S.A. (shares of a total of 77.1%). 

Our mission is to be a successful and first-class provider of high quality services to our customers. 
We supply water to more than 1,400,000 residents of the capital of Bulgaria. Our activity includes operation, maintenance and management of hundreds of facilities and thousands of meters of water mains and sewers. The members of our team are responsible employees with high qualification, customer-oriented, and each year they make investments for millions of levs for the development and future of the city. 

Our new customer service centers have been specifically developed to provide functional separation of the offered services, to minimize the inconvenience and save time for our customers. There are separate desks for payment of bills and other fees, for provision of quick services and information, and for requests of services by customers, which require more time for processing. An electronic queue management system has been integrated as well. 

Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 18:00 h

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