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Level 2
Thang Long

Enjoy our prepared every day, fresh sushi dishes! Live Healthy!

Constantly increasing stress levels reflect on the body and the spirit, plague the people and put them out of balance. Create harmony between body and spirit. Contribute actively to the full and balanced meal. Sushi offers a variety of healthy products that will help you live a healthier lifestyle.

For ThangLong: Company Thang Long Asia 20 years offers its expertise in the Asian system gastronomy "Made in Germany".

Fresh produce and spices for us is something that is understood by itself as a condition for dishes with the high quality taste, typical of the company Thang Long Asia.

Every day after 21:00 - 30% discount for all ready meals and sushi sets.

10% discount for all employees of the mall and the possibility of a discount for employees regularly visiting from nearby businesses, events and offices.

We will be happy if you visit us in this or any other of our over 30 subsidiaries across Europe!