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Zoo Center

or 20 years, our company present in the market associated with the importation and supply of pet products. During all these years Zoo Center have accumulated invaluable experience that allows us to be helpful to our customers with professional knowledge and skills obtained and built in the process. At present, we have established seven stores at - the largest of which an area of ​​500 sq. Meters three veterinary clinics equipped in the most - modern requirements, a veterinary pharmacy and a central warehouse which is carried logistics to individual objects. We have business relationships with more than 15 companies in Europe producing food and pet accessories in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, France, Holland, Czech Republic. This makes it unique in our stores a wide variety of products with more than 10 000 items. For professional and quality service to our customers care 70 sales assistants and a team of 17 veterinary doctors each with a professional focus. Our motto is honesty, loyalty and professionalism. Every satisfied customer is our assessment of a job well done.